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The Muse 

  focus on diversity, uniqueness and naturalness -

  individuals and team players at the same time. 

As a model agency we provide models to clients in the fields of advertising,      photography, film, casting, industry and fashion.

The personal exchange and a trusting contact with our models and customers is very important to us. We know all our models personally - this is the only way we believe to be able to fulfil our claim accordingly.

Our agency has a constantly growing list of models of all looks and nationalities. All models are personally and individually looked after by us after an initial acquaintance.

love, THE muse AGENCY

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We want to share women with a story.
Business women. Artists. Mothers. Students.
Real women.



Beauty ideals are very much epoch- and country-specific. However, they all have a basis in common:
it is always a matter of appearing as healthy, prosperous and attractive as possible, which naturally makes sense from an evolutionary point of view.


We at THE muse AGENCY would like to officially condemn the modern delusion of beauty, because it is clearly not in coherence with an overall well-being of your body and mind. It is not only about the trend to be thin, to look young or to manipulate photos to look better, but also about all the toxic substances, which we consume and smear on our body everyday, which not only cost us not a lot of money, but also our health and environment.

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