The Muse Agency was founded and is owned by Denise Schrauder, a young creative who came up with the idea of ​​a model agency with a natural and clear message: naturalness. It's about character and charisma that shines from the inside out.

"I worked in a modeling agency before I founded my own agency and wanted to change something about the 'system' that every model has to have the perfect measurements. I scout my models with the main characteristic of unusualness, charisma and naturalness. I think it's super important to get along well with the Talents on a human level. The Muse is a family. 

In addition to the agency, I work on the project called: The Muse Project.

It is about the inner beauty that comes outward, about women to strengthen and support them. With online posts and The Muse Magazine (issue one here) I want to create a community with a wide variety of women who inspire other women through their own stories and show them that they are not alone."