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Aktualisiert: 5. Jan 2020

this is the first one and it's written by me, the owner of the muse agency.

To love yourself isn't easy, we all know that. But we also know that it's the most important thing. This project is more or less about self-love, women who love themselves.

“There is nothing more beautiful than when you prove to yourself just how strong you are .”

I think our project and self love goes hand in hand because your body hears everything that your mind says, life is only as good as your mindset. For me it is the biggest challange in life to accept myself as I am and this is the most important relationship in my life. Because if I can't love myself how will someone else? I never was okay with my body until I looked in the mirror by myself for minutes. Actually I always find something I would love to change, longer legs, a flatter tummy, more muscles or a better butt, but these are wishes I had because I was so blended by this crazy modeling-world in which I work. And even though I knew that all the pictures were being edited, I found hundreds of mistakes on my body. But this day I just looked at myself, at my body, my little curves, my long legs, my small muscles and my nice butt and I was truly happy about everything. I smiled, because I never had that feeling before. I am fine with my body. What a nice feeling.

Remember that it's not the models or anyone else fault that you're uncomfortable with your body, it's yours! Because you always compare yourself with them. Otherwise you should look at them and think WOW what a beautiful human being, what a beautiful woman. And tell her. Karma comes back around.

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