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About The Agency

As a model agency we provide models to clients in the fields of advertising, photography, film, casting, industry and fashion. The personal exchange and a trusting contact with our models and customers is very important to us. We know all our models personally - this is the only way we believe to be able to fulfil our claim accordingly.

Our agency has a constantly growing list of models of all ages and nationalities. All models are personally and individually looked after by us after an initial acquaintance.

This enables us to make concentrated selection of model and performer suggestions, always tailored to the individual needs of our customers - and thus provide our customers with the right face for advertising, film, fashion, casting and photography.

Our models are all unique personalities. We focus on diversity, uniqueness and naturalness - individuals and team players at the same time.

Open communication, constructive criticism and a view outside the box are crucial in order to always be one step ahead of the competition and therefore the most important tools in our repertoire.We are fully absorbed in our work, in order to be able to continue doing so, we rely internally and externally on individuality, support and partnership.

By sharing our beliefs we want to make a small change in society, making women feel beautiful for who they really are and that there should not be anything to be ashamed of. 

Flaws are a part of life. 









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